Confidential corporate counselling for life and workplace issues.

One in four workers annually will suffer a mental health issue—an issue severe enough to dent productivity, morale, and wellbeing in the workplace. It’s likely that someone at your workplace is suffering. Perhaps silently.

If your employer is part of the EAP service, (Employee Assistance Programme)

Help your staff take control of their health and address any concerns they may have. The short-term, solution-focused therapy can be delivered remotely over the telephone or video, online or face-to-face.

• Face-to-to-face counselling
• Zoom or telephone counselling
• Relationship counselling
• Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions
Corporate counselling services
Depending on the employee’s needs, there are a variety of counselling and therapies available. Counsellors tailor the treatment to the employee, ensuring the best results in the shortest time. Here are some of the therapies and counselling we can use to best assist your employees:

• Counselling for depression
• Counselling for anxiety
• Relationship counselling
• Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
• Stress counselling
• Bereavement counselling

*Consultation on Corporate Policies relating to Mental Health (Pricing on Request)

By your employees being part of EAP this shows interest in their staff’s wellbeing and through all of life’s challenges. Give them the counselling and therapy they need to get the job done—reducing absenteeism, promoting good mental health and increasing productivity.

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