A Taboo on Mental Health & Little Support?

We all have our own opinions of how things work within the mental health system, in my professional opinion and my own personal experience of my daughter’s mental health, I feel there are some big gaps with the lack of support she received. I also noticed that (professionals) housing, banks, benefits, and other organizations showed a lack of support and respect for her. This was very frustrating while attending appointments with her that questions were directed to me not her while she was sitting in front of them. I feel this comes down to people’s knowledge and ignorance around mental health and wellbeing

I’ve gained so much more insight into the daily struggles people have to deal with while struggling with their mental health. I feel there is something missing within the servicesrecognized that if you were struggling with mental health it was not always acknowledged in the way it should be. The person who is struggling with their mental health can go from being okay to crisis within a short space of time, but there are no services available to access in between being okay and then crisis. If there was more support available, some of the situations that phone the crisis line wouldn’t reach a crisis.

When I have spoken to people in a personal and professional capacity as a counsellor abouttheir mental health and was there something missing the majority of the answers were

(I just need someone to talk to before it escalates to a crisis)

I know as a counsellor how difficult it is for people to access the services and to be heard. I recently had a client who was struggling with their mental health, I recommended they go and see their doctor which they did, they and were signposted to the mental health team who completed an assessment over the phone and one of the questions was “do you have any support”, my client said they are seeing me, therefore the mental health team closed and within days this person was in hospital after taking an overdose. I’m not medically trained and this was the reason to refer to the appropriate people who are medically trained

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